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Michelle de Kretser is the author of The Lost Dog, which was longlisted for the 2008 Man Booker Prize. Judging from online reader reviews, it was less well received.

Springtime also has a dog in it, as it seems to be a prop for the author. What is remarkable about this book is that it got published (in paperback). At 85 pages of double-spaced large font, it could generously by volume be considered a novella, but it is more accurately a short story. It is published by Catapult (https://catapult.co/), which publishes literary fiction novels and short stories of emerging writers. This book was favorably reviewed in the New York Times Book Review this year.

The venue is Australia, the couple moving from Melbourne to Sydney after Frances got Charlie to leave his wife and son for her. The author contrasts the two locales, which was the most interesting to me, not being from Australia. The ghost story element is that Frances believes she sees an old woman in a garden while walking her dog, but that woman does not exist. The publisher points out that this is not the usual ghost story genre. I agree. For me, it hardly merited a story.

Not worth your time, even though you can read it in one sitting.