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In my review of “Redeployment” I asked for comments from Vets who served in Iraq and/or Afghanistan. I received a like and a follow from the writer of this blog. Her husband is a vet from Afghanistan. As in “Redeployment” in real life the war comes home with the Vet. Trauma is a continuing wound that can result in suicide. I am not sure if 20 Vets a day committing suicide is all vets, or just vets from these war zones. To put the number in perspective, 20 a day is 8030 vets dying from suicide each year. The US soldiers killed in Iraq since March 19, 2003 and in Afghanistan each to date are 4493 and 2357. Not all of these are killed in combat, although most are. The combined total of soldiers killed in these war zones since March 19, 2003 is 6850. The vets dying from suicide in one year is again 8030. Which is the war zone?

Life as I Know It

Suicide… death… gone… forever…  I am going to apologize if this is rambling.

I hate it, I hate that a movie star who commits suicide or a person shot and killed in the United States gets more news press than the estimated 22 veterans a day that choose to take their own life.  In 2010 the VA was putting the number at about 18 a day.  Looking as an outsider I never really thought about the Veteran suicide rate until I met my husband.    How is it that people are not shouting from the roof tops about this stat?!?!   I have come to one conclusion…. its not about the stats, its about the soap box.  You can be a part of the facebook ALS challenge, talk about the famous person who commits suicide, or the guy killed by a cop;  but no one wants to bring up the…

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