Since you closed your blog to comments I thought I would respond to your follow, through my blog. A little unorthodox, but perhaps you will read this. I apologize to my other followers.

First, nice Southern name.

Second, thanks for following my blog. I have never tried writing, but like you I believe a lot of technical mechanics could get in the way. I learned after college that it is best to keep things simple. Write what you know and what you feel.

Third, reading a fair amount of what I consider to be good literature, I find many authors keep their writing spare. There is no universal truth to this, since many don’t. I think the latter is harder to do. The former I feel avoids pretension. Better to let the reader imagine. Avoid trite adjective and metaphors. They slow the narrative in my view. An example of what appeals to me, might be as follows. You can compare it to see if you prefer the original.

“To the west the ocean horizon is cloudless. To the south the beach stretches. The inland hills merge with a blue-gray hydrocarbon twilight haze. The immature waves belch from the black depths. They spit white foam across the dark volcanic boulders that form the steep sides of the jetty.”

I prefer to play a tight game of Scrabble. Some find this annoying. No universal truths.

Fourth, you may want to read Ruth Ozeki’s “A Tale for the Time Being”. I previously reviewed the novel. She shows rather than tells. Japanese characters and words are written in the native tongue. She would not say X is the Japanese word for poison. She would provide the character. Her novel is a mini-language course. She provides English translations of the Japanese word a couple of times and then uses the Japanese word afterwards. It is a different style. I like literature that teaches.