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Against my better judgment I am writing about this.

First, the loss of a child is the worst thing that can happen, so I feel for this young man’s parents.

Second, I fully recognize that racial profiling is a reality, particularly for black men.

Third, I have no idea what truly happened that night. I have no idea what either person was thinking. Remarkably, many people seem to think they do.

Fourth, Mr. Zimmerman would have been well-advised to have stopped pursuing when he was told to stop. It would have been better, if as a security guard, he did not carry a gun.

Fifth, this was and continues to be a media circus which is fed by those who have a legitimate issue, but one that here is misplaced.

Sixth, the media and public pressure forced prosecutors to pursue this case when they knew they did not have evidence to convict. There may have been errors along the way, and some may argue that Florida’s strong self-defense law was the reason for the decision. Others have said it was the all white jury (a little bit of prejudice and supposition here in my opinion without anything to support it).

Seventh, for the limited amount of time I listened to part of the case it was remarkable. Prosecutors’ witnesses seemed like defense witnesses. It is a wonder the Defense did not rest without calling any witnesses.

Eighth, the U.S. Attorney General trying to appease all, discusses the reality of race and appearance. Should black men be allowed to dress as they like and not fear for their lives. Sure. If Trayvon was wearing a suit and tie, would this have happened? Perhaps, but it seems less likely. The question is, is it just race or race and appearance or attitude that contribute to these problems. It is unfair, even discriminatory, but if appearance is the critical factor, then it may not just be racism. It may be unjustified fear. Mr. Zimmerman I understand, referred to Trayvon as a “punk”. He did not make any racial description, until he was asked about his race by the dispatcher. He had his place burglarized recently. Is he a racist, perhaps. There could be other factors too.

Ninth, this is not the first nor the last such killings. The NAACP during the civil rights movement had many cases of injustice. It made sure it picked the right one to bring its case. Those who want to address racial profiling and unjustifiable murder of black men, would do well to drop this case. It should never have been brought. Find one where there is evidence to convict in court, rather than pander to the media looking for ratings.