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This is a collection of short stories, published by Dalkey Archive Paperbacks. The author is a member of the Belgian Academy of French Language and Literature and is a writer and psychotherapist. The latter is telling because the voyage is one of self-examination through relationships. The initial story, “The Invitation”, is a digression from punctuation and the relationship, here a pun, is a letter. There is an uneasiness and tension to a number of the stories and some it is worthwhile to read a second time. I would recommend reading this book.

I particularly liked “The Cartographer’s Waltz”, which emblematic of all the stories, distinguishes between cartography through surface mapping and deep cartography through imagination and introspection. “Superimpose upon the dream map the surface map of ordinary place-names and you’ll discover cruel ironies and bizarre connections.”….”Cemetaries make such gentle music that we don’t hear the appalling things hidden inside them.”

Enjoy the read.