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So many authors are trying to find a literary agent, an editor, or publisher who will look at their work. Publishers can’t take risks given competitive pricing and altered distribution channels affecting their brand. Charities are always in search of funding. Everyone is seeking publicity.

Why not adopt the reality game show formula for singers and dancers, to writers. A thought:

 1. First the publisher asks one its celebrity authors to agree to write the first chapter of a novel, the proceeds of which will go to charity. The author and publisher can determine the number of chapters and the length of each chapter.

 2. The remainder of the book will be developed by writers who do not have a published novel, a chapter at a time. Each submission will require a charitable contribution. Each chapter author will retain copyright over their chapter, but not of the completed book. Submissions will be made online through the publisher’s website and can be voted on by the public and by editors; from amongst the top three vote recipients, with a fourth chosen by volunteering editors and literary agents. The celebrity author will then choose the winner of each chapter. Successive chapters would be based upon what has already been accepted.

    1. There could be variations as well:
      1. Chapter winners by age group.
      2. Chapter winners by state or region and then a national chapter winner.

 3. The final chapter will not be published. The winner of the final chapter would be made known, but the digital book would then become available through the publisher’s website, with the benefits of the sale going to charity. Any advertising revenues would go to the publisher to recoup costs (as might some of the other fees, as agreed between the author and the publisher).

 If there is enough participation literary agents and the publisher will have discovered unpublished authors with a following. The publisher will have drawn more readers and writers to their website, affording it potentially more revenue. Accomplished editors also may be discovered. Writers will have another channel to become noticed.

 Is this or some variation of this viable?